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LA Food and Fun

smoothie from earth bar

I did a lot of eating out while in LA, I ate out everyday while there, usually 2 of my meals per day, so I tried to keep it somewhat healthy a majority of the time.  I also had my fair share ofindulgences while there, but all in all I don’t feel that I went too overboard.  I weighed myself 2 weeks after I got back, after giving myself some time to get back into my normal routine, and I was the exact same weight as I was since I had last weighed myself.  It was nice to see that a week away didn’t totally derail my efforts.  And now some pics of the healthy and not so healthy eats I enjoyed in LA and also a few pics just for fun.

half eaten southwest salmon

fresh squeezed oj

cafe primo salad, whoa bacon!

salmon at the polo lounge

millions of milkshakes

caught in the act

mexican at marix, best meal ever

laguna beach

laguna beach seagulls

say cheeeese

until next time...

last day brunch

LA Adventures

I’m finally getting around to posting a recap of my recent trip to Los Angeles.  I only got back, oh, 3 weeks ago, but better late than never right?

Something very exciting (well fitness related exciting) is that I realized I could do an unassisted chin-up!!!  More about that in a sec.

Our first full day there we decided to go bike riding on the beach.  I had wanted to do this on my previous trip but didn’t have time, so this time around it was a MUST.

We started in Santa Monica and biked to Venice and back and then did it again.  It took about 3 hours (with a 30 minute stroll through Venice and a stop for ice cream :)) According to the guy at the bike rental place we figured it was about 18 miles.

There are some really cool houses along the beach.

awesome treehouse looking house

and their neighbor with a buddha statue

I love looking at nice houses, I have ever since I was little, I know a little weird.

some more along the beach in Venice

Now on to the exciting part.  I wanted to stop at Muscle Beach in Venice just to check it out and take pictures there.  There were people doing all sorts of stuff.

muscle beach

not the greatest pic but I felt like a stalker

Check out really tan guy, he was the only real body builder looking guy there,  I thought there’d be more!

check this guy out

This guy climbed up the chains and then sat on the top of this thing, it was NUTS.

my attempt

That’s the most I could pick myself up on the tarzan rope.  That shiz is HARD.

me doing a chin-up!

And finally…drumroll please…I attempted an unassisted chin-up and did it!!!  My feet are not on the ground!  Although it kind of looks like they are, I should have bent my knees.  I was holding myself up there screaming at my friend to come over and take a picture, the guys around there must have thought I was nuts.  And yes there were only guys working out there, no girls working out at Muscle Beach sadly.

Some more pretty scenic shots from the ride.

Sigh.  I love palm trees.

Another day we went hiking at Runyon Canyon, this was my second time hiking here but I didn’t take any pictures on the last trip so brought my camera this time around.  Right outside the gate before you walk into the park there is a spot that has water and various snacks, but there is no one there to make sure you pay for it, it’s totally done by the honor system.  How cool is that?  I’ve certainly never seen anything like this in the NJ/NY area.

I have no idea who puts that there/is in charge of it but I think it’s great.

I’ve only done it twice but I love hiking here.  I don’t like the woods so I don’t think I would be into that type of hiking but here with the beautiful scenery (and the possibility of seeing celebrities-I saw Giles Meroni aka the naked guy from the SATC movie) I love it. I only bad part?


The first time I saw this sign I freaked out, I had no idea there were rattlesnakes around there.  Shiver.  Good thing I didn’t see any and had an enjoyable hike.  I don’t know how many miles we did but we hiked for about 2 hours.

me posing like a geek

lots of people with dogs, made me miss my brutus

we climbed to the top of that!

view of the city

the ocean on the horizon to the right

hollywood sign

I don’t know why the Hollywood sign looks so far away, it was actually much closer.  It’s hard to see but there are so many amazing houses in the hills, I would love to live there.

Besides biking and hiking, we went on a couple of leisurely walks on the beach in Santa Monica a couple of mornings.

I really wanted to take a yoga class on the beach but we never found one/ran out of time.  I improvised for a picture.

is this even a real yoga pose?

so pretty

the hardest part was the stairs!

I would really love to be able to hike around here, but my only options are to hike in the woods and I’m not even close to any woods/trails.  I guess I’ll just have to enjoy it when I’m vising the west coast.

Stayed tuned for my LA recap numero dos!

Getting back in the groove

Well I’m back from sunny California and trying to get back in the swing of things!  I always have a such a hard time coming back from a vacation, especially from places as nice as this:

Los Olivos, CA

my first time wine-tasting, Santa Barbara county

These pictures were actually from my last trip back in October, I haven’t uploaded my new pictures yet and plan on doing a recap post, but you get the picture.  Plus I wanted to at least include a couple of pictures in this boring post!

Coming home to NJ after that is sad!  At least I came back to gorgeous weather here but unfortunately starting tomorrow it will be raining for 3 days straight!

I’ve been trying to get back into my workout routine/good eating habit  since I’ve been back.  I didn’t go to the gym at all while I was away (I never do), but I did do lots of other fun fitness activities.  My eating wasn’t that bad, not great, but not as awful as I sometimes let myself be when on vacation.  I did good about sticking to my no-wheat rule until the last 3 days, then it was downhill.  Too many delicious bread options when going out to dinner.  All in all I think I did pretty well, it’s not that I ate TON, but I ate out everyday which isn’t great.  The good news is that I didn’t get a sinus infection while I was gone, even after eating all that wheat.  I was very stuffy/congested the whole time, but I was like that before I even left, but never got SICK.  I thank Mucinex, Nasaline, and vitamins for that!

I jumped right back into my workouts on Monday.  I didn’t have the next stage of NROLW workout sheet printed out so I decided to do a workout on my own.  I haven’t done this in SO LONG so it was actually kind of nice.

Monday’s (3/8/10) workout:

Squats-3 sets 8, 1st set 95 pounds, 2nd and 3rds, 115 pounds

Single-leg deadlifts-3 sets 8, 115 pounds

Dumbbell shoulder press-3 sets 8, 20 pounds

Seated row-3 sets 8, 85 pounds

alternated with

Push-ups-3 sets 8

Straight arm cable pulldown-3 sets 8, 40 pounds

alternated with

Planks-3 sets 8, held for 60 seconds

Then I did what was basically one leg squats but where I literally sat down on a bench and then got up.  I did 3 sets 8 on each leg with 25 pounds.  I have no idea where I got the idea to do this, if they are even a real exercise, or what they are called!  If anyone knows please let me know!

I finished up with 20 minutes HIIT, doing 30 second sprints followed by 1 minute recoveries.

Tuesday (3/9/10) was an easy 15 minutes on the elliptical to kill time until my 45 minute spin class.  I hadn’t taken spin in a couple of weeks so it was pretty tough but felt good at the same time.

Today’s (3/10/10) workout wound up being my own made up workout again since I haven’t had time (ahem and also forgot) to make my workout log.  Must do that for Friday.

Plie squats-3 sets 8, 95 pounds

Step-ups, 3 sets 8, 50 pounds

alternated with

T push-ups, 4 sets 10 (2 sets narrow, 2 sets wide)

Stability ball against wall squats-3 sets 10, 50 pounds

alternated with

Front and lateral shoulder raises-3 sets 10, 10 pounds

Wide grip lat pulldown-3 sets 8, 75 pounds

alternated with

Bicycle crunch, 3 sets 8

2 rounds of 10 x-crunches, 10 pikes, and 10 oblique crunches on a stability ball

I ended with 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Another thing I forgot is my gloves.  I took them out to wash and totally forgot to put them back in my bag.  That’s why my workout didn’t include a lot of having to really hold a heavy weight.  I need to stop being so forgetful!

I also got back to tracking my food intake (calories/macros) on Monday and have been doing well with that.  I know, I know it’s only been 3 days but I find it so hard to get back into things after vacation!

I really don’t know if I gained while I was away because I didn’t weigh myself right before I left and don’t plan on weighing again for at least a couple of weeks but I definitely am feeling bloated.

What are your eating habits like when you travel?  Still stick to the healthy eating?  Healthy eating but include some treats?  Or a free-for-all?