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Welcome Spring!

And allergies, UGH.  Not to be a downer because I’ll take this gorgeous 70 degree weather with allergies over the hurricane-like rain of last weekend or the snow and cold of the few weekends before that any day!

I had full intentions to post last night but the Benadryl I took kicked in before I got a chance to.  I was at my wit’s end yesterday with what I suspect is a combo of allergies and my never-ending sinus issues so I stopped by the store to pick up Benadryl to hopefully stop some of the itching and inflammation and just make me sleep for awhile.  It worked and I feel a bit better today.

I won’t bore you with the specifics of this week’s workouts (2 days spin and 2 days lifting) because I was feeling so crappy that my lifting days were just not all that great.  I’m hoping that I’ll be back to my normal self on Monday and be ready to really lift some heavy weights!

So onto some food.

I’m enjoying my usual weekend breakfast of quinoa flakes with my usual combo of half banana cooked in/half scoop vanilla protein powder/tbsp. ground flax/cinnamon/almond butter, but this time topped it with some shredded coconut.

the almond butter is hiding on the bottom, getting all melty

The coconut was a yummy addition.  While I really love quinoa flakes something about it being so warm today and eating the warm quinoa just seemed off.  I think I need to find a summer weekend breakfast.  Not sure what that will be yet.  Last year it was always scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and Ezekiel toast, but since I’m not eating eggs or wheat regularly right now I’ll have to be creative.

Last night I was in the mood for some Mexican and I had some avocado that I wanted to use up.  I didn’t have any packaged taco seasoning and I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of taco seasoning packets anyway so found a recipe that I tweaked slightly based on the spices I had on hand.

The original taco seasoning recipe  can be found here.

I cooked up some ground turkey with some chopped onion and red pepper and then added 1/4 tsp. garlic powder, 1/4 teaspoon oregano, 1/2 tsp. paprika, 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes, sprinkling salt and pepper.  I doubled the amount of crushed red pepper flakes because I didn’t have the chili powder the recipe called for and it was spicy!  A little too spicy so I probably wouldn’t add that much next time.  I topped this with some reduced fat cheddar, a dallop of Greek yogurt, and chopped avocado.

Greek yogurt disguised as sour cream

This was really good and really easy, just the way I like it!  This was my first time using Greek yogurt as sour cream and I thought I was going to hate it but I was pleasantly surprised.  I don’t think it tasted exactly like sour cream but it added a nice amount of creaminess.

I had this along with a salad tossed with olive oil and white balsamic and chopped onion, chopped red peppers, sprinkled with salt, pepper, oregano, basil, garlic, and of course a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese.  This is one of my favorite salad combos and think I will be making it a lot more now that the weather is getting warmer.  There’s something about nice weather that makes me want salad.

I swear there are peppers in there

I hadn’t used white balsamic in awhile because I had run out and kept forgetting to get more.  This is by far my favorite vinegar to use for salads.  It’s not as tart as regular balsamic and just has a really nice flavor.

welcome back into my life

I realize the flavors of the salad don’t necessarily go with the flavors of the turkey taco bowl but I don’t mind.  I actually do that all the time, although I’m sure some people would think that’s weird.

Later on I decided to make a protein cake.  I’ve tried (and failed) in the past to make microwaved protein cakes/muffins and they never really came out all that good, but April’s always delicious looking protein concoctions inspired me to start experimenting again.

I noticed that when you leave out the egg the cake doesn’t really stick together in one piece and comes out more like a crumble, so that’s been what I’ve been having.  That’s OK because while I may not look pretty it still tastes good.  However last night I left out the egg again and it did stay in one piece this time.  Not sure why this happened but it did.

in one piece!

This was half a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, 1/4 tsp. baking powder, 1 tbsp. ground flax, cinnamon, and just enough milk to make it wet.  Cooked for 40 seconds and topped with raspberry jam and almond butter.  While this one stuck together it was also really dry.  So the experiments will continue!  At least these are coming out edible.  I did receive a tip from someone who told me that if you use a mix of whey and casein protein powder instead of just straight whey it will come out way better.  Sometime in the near future I plan on getting my hands on some!

Some questions!  Do you eat random food combinations or do your main dish and side dishes always go together? I eat random combos all the time.

Do you eat different foods depending on the time of year? For the most part I eat a lot of the same stuff but I find I want salad more when it’s warm out.


Getting back in the groove

Well I’m back from sunny California and trying to get back in the swing of things!  I always have a such a hard time coming back from a vacation, especially from places as nice as this:

Los Olivos, CA

my first time wine-tasting, Santa Barbara county

These pictures were actually from my last trip back in October, I haven’t uploaded my new pictures yet and plan on doing a recap post, but you get the picture.  Plus I wanted to at least include a couple of pictures in this boring post!

Coming home to NJ after that is sad!  At least I came back to gorgeous weather here but unfortunately starting tomorrow it will be raining for 3 days straight!

I’ve been trying to get back into my workout routine/good eating habit  since I’ve been back.  I didn’t go to the gym at all while I was away (I never do), but I did do lots of other fun fitness activities.  My eating wasn’t that bad, not great, but not as awful as I sometimes let myself be when on vacation.  I did good about sticking to my no-wheat rule until the last 3 days, then it was downhill.  Too many delicious bread options when going out to dinner.  All in all I think I did pretty well, it’s not that I ate TON, but I ate out everyday which isn’t great.  The good news is that I didn’t get a sinus infection while I was gone, even after eating all that wheat.  I was very stuffy/congested the whole time, but I was like that before I even left, but never got SICK.  I thank Mucinex, Nasaline, and vitamins for that!

I jumped right back into my workouts on Monday.  I didn’t have the next stage of NROLW workout sheet printed out so I decided to do a workout on my own.  I haven’t done this in SO LONG so it was actually kind of nice.

Monday’s (3/8/10) workout:

Squats-3 sets 8, 1st set 95 pounds, 2nd and 3rds, 115 pounds

Single-leg deadlifts-3 sets 8, 115 pounds

Dumbbell shoulder press-3 sets 8, 20 pounds

Seated row-3 sets 8, 85 pounds

alternated with

Push-ups-3 sets 8

Straight arm cable pulldown-3 sets 8, 40 pounds

alternated with

Planks-3 sets 8, held for 60 seconds

Then I did what was basically one leg squats but where I literally sat down on a bench and then got up.  I did 3 sets 8 on each leg with 25 pounds.  I have no idea where I got the idea to do this, if they are even a real exercise, or what they are called!  If anyone knows please let me know!

I finished up with 20 minutes HIIT, doing 30 second sprints followed by 1 minute recoveries.

Tuesday (3/9/10) was an easy 15 minutes on the elliptical to kill time until my 45 minute spin class.  I hadn’t taken spin in a couple of weeks so it was pretty tough but felt good at the same time.

Today’s (3/10/10) workout wound up being my own made up workout again since I haven’t had time (ahem and also forgot) to make my workout log.  Must do that for Friday.

Plie squats-3 sets 8, 95 pounds

Step-ups, 3 sets 8, 50 pounds

alternated with

T push-ups, 4 sets 10 (2 sets narrow, 2 sets wide)

Stability ball against wall squats-3 sets 10, 50 pounds

alternated with

Front and lateral shoulder raises-3 sets 10, 10 pounds

Wide grip lat pulldown-3 sets 8, 75 pounds

alternated with

Bicycle crunch, 3 sets 8

2 rounds of 10 x-crunches, 10 pikes, and 10 oblique crunches on a stability ball

I ended with 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Another thing I forgot is my gloves.  I took them out to wash and totally forgot to put them back in my bag.  That’s why my workout didn’t include a lot of having to really hold a heavy weight.  I need to stop being so forgetful!

I also got back to tracking my food intake (calories/macros) on Monday and have been doing well with that.  I know, I know it’s only been 3 days but I find it so hard to get back into things after vacation!

I really don’t know if I gained while I was away because I didn’t weigh myself right before I left and don’t plan on weighing again for at least a couple of weeks but I definitely am feeling bloated.

What are your eating habits like when you travel?  Still stick to the healthy eating?  Healthy eating but include some treats?  Or a free-for-all?

Bon voyage NJ!

The NY/NJ area got hit hard by another snowstorm yesterday and today.  I shouldn’t complain because I got a  half day off yesterday and the whole day off from work today, but I am just so sick of the snow and winter!  My poor dog is sick of it too, he hates the snow, and it’s high enough that it’s hard for him to go out to go the the bathroom.

brutus braving the elements

Look at that face!  It’s a look of misery!

At least having off from work  gave me lots of time to pack and get ready to leave for my trip to LA tomorrow.  Hopefully my flight will not be delayed, but according to Continental.com my flight as of now is ON TIME.

My day started at the bright and early time of 11:30 am.  I cannot get my butt out of bed early on days I don’t have to work.  So that means weekends and snowdays I sleep in.  I’ve been working full-time 9-5 for 5 years now and I still am not used to getting up early.  I mean I’ll wake up early on a day I have off but have no problem rolling over and going back to bed for another few hours.

I usually wind up getting up when my dog wakes me up or when I wake up and am hungry.  Today it was because I was hungry.  Brutus was cuddling next to me sleeping and I actually didn’t want to get up because he looked so peaceful!  Once I started moving he got up so it was time to prepare my breakfast.  I had my usual non-work morning breakfast of quinoa flakes but I switched it up a bit this time.  Instead of doing the usual banana/peanut butter combo, I opted for blueberries and apples made into a sort of apple pie filling.  I just chopped up some apple and cooked it on low heat with a little bit of water, cinnamon, and 3 tsp. brown sugar.  While that simmered I cooked the quinoa and added some f rozen blueberries to it along with a tbsp. of flax meal and, half a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and some more cinnamon.  When everything was done I just topped the quinoa with the cooked apples.  It was SO GOOD.  Tasted like apple pie with blueberries mixed in.  I’ll definitely have this combo again.

there are blueberries under there

Once I digested that along with some decaf coffee, I forced myself to do Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones.  I had to force myself because I was feeling a little crappy, that I may or may not be getting sick feeling.  More about that in a second.  But I knew that this would be my last real workout until I got back from California.  While I do plan on doing physical activities like hiking and biking while I’m there, I’m 99% sure I will not be going to the gym.  So No More Trouble Zones it was.  This was tough even the 2nd time around, and I’m still surprised that this workout is as hard as it is!

Back to the fact that I may or may not be getting sick.  I’ve had that post-nasal drip/scratchy throat feeling for the past couple of days.  When this happens I start my arsenal of Mucinex/nasal irrigation/tons of vitamins to ward it off.  Usually it helps, but I am nervous that traveling is going to turn this into a full on sinus infection.  I really, really hope this doesn’t happen because I’ve gotten sick the last 2 times I’ve gone to California.  The first time I got the flu the 2nd to last day I was there and the 2nd time I got a raging sinus infection.  Hopefully this time I will stay healthy the whole trip!

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, packing, and beauty preparations.  I took a nice long shower where I did a deep conditioning treatment, a face scrub/mask, a body scrub, and shaved my legs.  I don’t even remember the last time I shaved my legs before today, that’s single life for ya!  I also gave myself a pedicure and manicure (I’m actually in the middle of the mani as I finish this post, it’s all about multi-tasking).

What products did I use you ask?  The conditioning treatment was Philip B. Light Weight Deep-Conditioning Creme Rinse.  Highly recommend this if you like a lighter conditioner.  I have thin hair and not a lot of it so this is perfect for me.  I found this for cheap at Marshall’s though so not sure if I’ll cough up the money and pay full-price for this.  I tend to cheap out on hair products since I go through them so quickly.

The face scrub/mask and body scrubs are super cheap though!  The face scrub/mask was just sugar and honey, gently rubbed on and left on for awhile to let the honey work it’s magic.  Honey is wonderful for your skin, it has anti-bacterial properties so it is good for acne but is also hydrating.  I LOVE doing honey masks.  The body scrub was…again sugar and honey but also included olive oil.  Simply add the 3 together, add a bit of water once you’re in the shower to get it to mix and scrub away.  I promise your skin will be baby soft afterward.

Well I’m off to LA tomorrow to get in some much needed sun and stalk celebrities!  I’m only half serious about the stalking part.   I’ll try to post while I’m there but if not I’ll be sure to recap the trip when I get back!

R.I.P. Kris Kringle

Ahhh Sunday nights, such a sad time for many.  I think Sunday nights are in some ways worse then Mondays because you have that feeling of dread Monday is coming boooooooooooooo.  AnywayI thought I would finally post about yesterday’s workout before I get settled in to watch Big Love.

But first let me explain this posts title.  Quick Chek (do they have these in other parts of the country that aren’t NJ?  not sure) had this amazing Kris Kringle coffee out for Christmas but unfortunately I didn’t discover it until about a week or so before Christmas.  The flavor included vanilla, coconut, and cocoa…in other words AMAZING.  A couple of days after Christmas I went in and they still had it but one of the employees (who knew of my love for the Kris Kringle) alerted me that there were only 2 bags left and let me buy them.  I rationed it out but finished the last bit of it yesterday (Saturday) morning.  Sadness.  The rest of my breakfast included quinoa flakes with banana, chunky peanut butter, and cinnamon.  This was my first quinoa flake experience, not sure if I’m a huge fan yet but it was OK.  Only took 90 seconds to cook (after the water boiled) but it was a little soft and mushy for my taste.  The only way I like oatmeal is when they are a little chewy still and not a bowl of mush.  I still managed to eat most of the bowl with only a few bites left. Then I was off to the gym.

Saturday’s workout:  NROLW Stage 4, workout B3

Wide-grip deadlift -3 sets of 8, 1st set 115 pounds, 2nd and 3rd 125 pounds

Alternating sets

Bulgarian split squat- 3 sets 8, 50 pounds

Underhand-grip lat pulldown-3 sets 8, 85 pounds

Alternating sets

Reverse lunge from box with forward reach-3 sets 8, 15 pound dumbbells

Dumbbell prone Cuban snatch-3 sets 8, 10 pound dumbbells

Alternating sets

Swiss ball crunch-3 sets 8, 25 pound plate

Reverse crunch-3 sets 8

Pike on stability ball-3 sets 8

Own set-prone cobra-3 times,1st held 90 seconds, 2nd and 3rd 60 seconds

I had 90 seconds rest between each set.  Except for the ab stuff I usually do the 3 exercises in a row and then rest and repeat.

Last but not least…15 minutes HIIT: 3 minute warm-up at level 1 then 2.  Intervals were one minute at level 5, 2 minute recovery level 1, one minute level 6, 2 minute recovery level 1, one minute level 7, 2 minute recovery level 1, one minute level 8, 2 minutes recovery level 1.

Now this is a pretty hard workout but for some reason yesterday it was really hard.  This was my 3rd time doing this exact workout and it was by far the hardest.  I was all headache-y and kept getting really dizzy.  I even bought a Powerade Zero mid-workout because I thought the bit of salt and electrolytes would help.  I at first thought it was because this is period week but for the rest of the day and today I’m not feeling so hot and have that “I’m getting a sinus infection” feeling UGH.  The whole workout took me longer than it usually does because I took longer breaks between the sets of exercises that don’t alternate with each other. I came home and had a protein shake made with vanilla protein powder, half a cup of 2% milk, half a cup water, and half a cup blueberries.  Also had a slice of millet toast.

Now I’m trying to fight a full blown sinus infection with my usual arsenal of Mucinex, Sudafed, Nasonex, and nasal irrigation with Nasaline.

not as scary as it looks

Hmm mine didn’t come with that cool protective case, now I want that.  Anyway let’s hope all this works.