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Sephora Makeup Madness

Use code MADNESS at checkout for 15% off.  Offer valid today through April 19.  According to the e-mail  I got from Sephora this offer is only valid for Beauty Insiders only so if you’re not already an Insider, sign-up now!

My picks:

If I didn’t already have a brand new bottle of Clarins UV Plus sunscreen I would be purchasing this.  This has been my daily-wear sunscreen for well over a year now and it’s well worth the price tag considering daily sunscreen is your best defense against fine lines.  Also does not cause my skin to break out and also mattifies.  AMAZING.

Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel is a sulfate free cleanser that gentle yet still removes all traces of makeup.  I like this cleanser because it doesn’t completely strip my skin of it’s natural moisture.

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder gives skin a smoothe, poreless finish and controls oil.  Sure you can use plain ‘ol silica powder (it’s the only ingredient in this powder) but I’m a sucker for convenient and nice packaging AND I’ve been using this powder daily for at least 6 months and still have half a jar left.


Winter Beauty Woes

The time has come for me, as I’m sure that it has for a lot of people, where I am just so over winter.  Enjoying a week in 60-something degree weather in LA for a week and coming home to a few gorgeous spring-like days (a mean trick mother nature!) and now back to cold has me seriously hankering for summer.

I’m also over dealing with the havoc the cold air outside combined with the hot air inside does with my skin.  Although my skin is combo towards oily, I much prefer the hot humid weather over the cold weather.

I’ve already expressed my love of Lush Lip Service lip balm and Aquaphor, but there are a few other non lip products that I’ve used (and loved) for a while now.

And so a list of tried and true BeautyandtheBeef tested products I love to help battle winter skin.

For face:

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Fantastic alone or for super dry skin under another moisturizer.

Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Creme

I use this around my eyes and on dry spots/flaky patches.

Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil

I saved the best for last.  I LOVE jojoba oil and have been using it for years.  Use it on your face at night over treatment products or mix a drop with your regular moisturizer for added moisture.  These are just a couple of the many uses of jojoba oil.

For body:

Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion

Great for daily use.  Enough said.

AmLactin Moisturizing lotion

Spectacular for exfoliating.  Use it on your whole body for ultra-soft skin.  Also especially good for elbows, feet, and dry, rough patches.

Bon voyage NJ!

The NY/NJ area got hit hard by another snowstorm yesterday and today.  I shouldn’t complain because I got a  half day off yesterday and the whole day off from work today, but I am just so sick of the snow and winter!  My poor dog is sick of it too, he hates the snow, and it’s high enough that it’s hard for him to go out to go the the bathroom.

brutus braving the elements

Look at that face!  It’s a look of misery!

At least having off from work  gave me lots of time to pack and get ready to leave for my trip to LA tomorrow.  Hopefully my flight will not be delayed, but according to Continental.com my flight as of now is ON TIME.

My day started at the bright and early time of 11:30 am.  I cannot get my butt out of bed early on days I don’t have to work.  So that means weekends and snowdays I sleep in.  I’ve been working full-time 9-5 for 5 years now and I still am not used to getting up early.  I mean I’ll wake up early on a day I have off but have no problem rolling over and going back to bed for another few hours.

I usually wind up getting up when my dog wakes me up or when I wake up and am hungry.  Today it was because I was hungry.  Brutus was cuddling next to me sleeping and I actually didn’t want to get up because he looked so peaceful!  Once I started moving he got up so it was time to prepare my breakfast.  I had my usual non-work morning breakfast of quinoa flakes but I switched it up a bit this time.  Instead of doing the usual banana/peanut butter combo, I opted for blueberries and apples made into a sort of apple pie filling.  I just chopped up some apple and cooked it on low heat with a little bit of water, cinnamon, and 3 tsp. brown sugar.  While that simmered I cooked the quinoa and added some f rozen blueberries to it along with a tbsp. of flax meal and, half a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and some more cinnamon.  When everything was done I just topped the quinoa with the cooked apples.  It was SO GOOD.  Tasted like apple pie with blueberries mixed in.  I’ll definitely have this combo again.

there are blueberries under there

Once I digested that along with some decaf coffee, I forced myself to do Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones.  I had to force myself because I was feeling a little crappy, that I may or may not be getting sick feeling.  More about that in a second.  But I knew that this would be my last real workout until I got back from California.  While I do plan on doing physical activities like hiking and biking while I’m there, I’m 99% sure I will not be going to the gym.  So No More Trouble Zones it was.  This was tough even the 2nd time around, and I’m still surprised that this workout is as hard as it is!

Back to the fact that I may or may not be getting sick.  I’ve had that post-nasal drip/scratchy throat feeling for the past couple of days.  When this happens I start my arsenal of Mucinex/nasal irrigation/tons of vitamins to ward it off.  Usually it helps, but I am nervous that traveling is going to turn this into a full on sinus infection.  I really, really hope this doesn’t happen because I’ve gotten sick the last 2 times I’ve gone to California.  The first time I got the flu the 2nd to last day I was there and the 2nd time I got a raging sinus infection.  Hopefully this time I will stay healthy the whole trip!

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, packing, and beauty preparations.  I took a nice long shower where I did a deep conditioning treatment, a face scrub/mask, a body scrub, and shaved my legs.  I don’t even remember the last time I shaved my legs before today, that’s single life for ya!  I also gave myself a pedicure and manicure (I’m actually in the middle of the mani as I finish this post, it’s all about multi-tasking).

What products did I use you ask?  The conditioning treatment was Philip B. Light Weight Deep-Conditioning Creme Rinse.  Highly recommend this if you like a lighter conditioner.  I have thin hair and not a lot of it so this is perfect for me.  I found this for cheap at Marshall’s though so not sure if I’ll cough up the money and pay full-price for this.  I tend to cheap out on hair products since I go through them so quickly.

The face scrub/mask and body scrubs are super cheap though!  The face scrub/mask was just sugar and honey, gently rubbed on and left on for awhile to let the honey work it’s magic.  Honey is wonderful for your skin, it has anti-bacterial properties so it is good for acne but is also hydrating.  I LOVE doing honey masks.  The body scrub was…again sugar and honey but also included olive oil.  Simply add the 3 together, add a bit of water once you’re in the shower to get it to mix and scrub away.  I promise your skin will be baby soft afterward.

Well I’m off to LA tomorrow to get in some much needed sun and stalk celebrities!  I’m only half serious about the stalking part.   I’ll try to post while I’m there but if not I’ll be sure to recap the trip when I get back!

Chapped lips? What chapped lips?

I have one friend in particular that often calls with her beauty questions.  I will admit that I love it when anyone asks me if I can recommend a product or something that can help them with their latest beauty issue.  If I can’t help them I then HAVE TO do some online research to find out what can help with said problem.  Otherwise it will just drive me nuts.

Well the latest issue my friend called me with was a fairly simple one and something I consider myself a master at.  Her call sounded something like this… “Jamie my lips are so dry and chapped and nothing is helping PLEASE HELP ME.”  Without thinking twice I responded “You must go to Lush and get their Lip Service lip balm.”  Ive tried many, many lip balms and this is BY FAR the best lip balm I have EVER used.  I then gave her strict instructions to put on a nice, thick layer of this at night and top it with Aquaphor.

exhibit A-lip service

exhibit B-aquaphor

This combination is phenomenal for dry chapped lips.  The Lip Service moisturizes with cocoa butter, shea butter, and olive oil while the Aquaphor seals it all in.  If you don’t twist and turn all night like I do and rub it off on your pillowcase you will still feel this combo on your lips in the morning.  This lip balm may take some getting used to as it’s a different texture than most balms.  It’s really hard but sort of melts right into your lips.  You can of course use this any time of the day-not just at night, but I usually just use it at night and then again in the morning because it comes in a pot.  I prefer to use a stick balm during the day so that I’m not sticking my dirty fingers into a pot and then rubbing them on my lips.

So what do I use for daytime use?

exhibit c-chap stick naturals lip butter

Who would have thought that old school chap-stick would make such a great product?!  Unfortunately I think this may be getting discontinued as I saw it on sale at not 1 but 2 places!

A couple other balms that I’d like to give honorable mentions to are Alba Bontica lip balm in coconut cream (there are other flavors too which I have not yet tried but I’m sure those are good as well) and Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm.  I also really, really love the Nuxe but at $21 it’s not exactly budget friendly AND I have not seen it at any of my local Sephoras which means I will have to order it from online somewhere.