NROLW Stage 7, workout 2

The good news is that I didn’t feel like vomiting at the end of this workout like I did on Monday.  Although I was glad about that at the same time I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t feel sick, like maybe I should have pushed myself harder…I know that is kind of crazy!  The bad news is that my mp3 (yes I am not with it and do not have an Ipod like everyone else), DIED 5 minutes into my workout.  Working out without my music pretty much sucked plus then I had no way to time my rests, so I counted in my head.  That was a little hard though because without my earphones in people would start to talk to me during my rests causing me to lose count!

 I still had a good workout though, here are the deets:

 NROLW Stage 7, workout 2 (I didn’t do the workout exactly as it’s laid out because I can’t superset certain exercises because of where the machines are in the gym, so I make adjustments)

 Dumbbell chest press (on stability ball)-3 sets 8, 25 pound db’s

Alternating sets (30 seconds rest between sets)

Dumbbell squat-4 sets 20, 15 pound db’s

Shoulder press-1st set 20, 2nd and 3rd sets 16, 4th set 15, 15 pound db’s

Step-ups (6 risers)-4 sets 15 each leg, 15 pound db’s

 Own sets

Seated row-1st set 6, 105 pounds, 2nd and 3rd sets 8 reps, 90 pounds

Underhand grip lat pulldown-1st set 20 reps-50 pounds, 2nd-4th sets 15 reps 55 pounds

On my rests in between these sets I added in some ab work, prone jack knives and stability ball crunches.

In health news…PepsiCo gives their products a nutritional makeover and a study finds big butts may protect you against type 2 diabetes.  Woohoo a reason to embrace my big ‘ol butt and thighs!  But I won’t stop the squats and lunges just yet…


One response to “NROLW Stage 7, workout 2

  1. yay for not wanting to vomit!!! 😉

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