Stress, finishing Stage 5 NROLW, and easy eats

So for the past few weeks I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress.  Thankfully I leave Saturday for what I’m hoping will be a warm(-er than here) and sunny trip to California!  It’s a good thing I don’t leave tomorrow or Friday because a big storm (s?)is supposed to be hitting the northeast again.  Hopefully my flight won’t be too delayed, but I’m suspecting it will be at least a little.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

So what have I been doing to deal with the stress in my life?  Working out and Bach’s Rescue Remedy.  It’s already known by many people what a good workout can do for stress.  It really is pretty miraculous.  Even if it’s the kind of stress that comes back soon after leaving the gym (this is what I was dealing with), at least during the workout you should feel better.  This is how it has been for me for the last few weeks.  I would really look forward to my workouts because this was the one time of day where I knew I would be feeling some relief.  I also find that working out regularly really does give a better nights sleep.  Nothing like knocking yourself out with a good workout.

A nice little product I find helpful is Bach’s Rescue Remedy.  I used this years ago and then kind of forgot about it.  I picked some up recently one day when I was this close to start to pull my hair out.  OK not really but it was a rough day.  It really does work.  Is it like popping a Xanax?  No, but it does take the edge off.

Onto some workouts…I finished Stage 5 of The New Rules of Lifting for Women on Monday.  Stage 5 was not my favorite stage, with the 4 sets of 4 reps scheme which was totally new to me, but I got through it.  I found it hard to find a weight that was heavy enough to feel fatigued at only 4 reps without it being too heavy to actually be able to do the move with the proper form.  Hopefully I worked hard enough in this stage to gain some strength.  My last stage 5 workout went like this:

Deadlift 4 sets 4, 125 pounds

Barbell bent over row, 4 sets 4, 95 pounds (Note-according to the book you should do a combo deadlift bent over row, but I found the deadlifts not hard enough with the weight I needed to row, hence I separated the two).

Partial-single-leg squat, 4 sets 4, 95 pounds

Wide-grip lat pulldown, 4 sets 4, 90 pounds

Back extension, 4 sets 10, 25 pounds

YTWL, 4 sets 4, 8 pounds


Swiss-ball crunch, 4 sets 8, 25 pounds

Pike on ball-4 sets 8

Oblique crunch on ball-4 sets 8

Own set-prone cobra, 1st and 2nd sets held 90 seconds, 3rd set held 70 seconds

15 min HIIT on the elliptical

Another thing I should add about this stage is that I did most of the exercise sets on their own instead of alternating sets like it says too in the book.  The way the exercises are laid out it was just not possible for me to alternate the sets.  For example the partial single-leg squat and the wide-grip lat pulldown…I needed the squat rack for the squats and it’s just not feasible to go back and forth between the squat rack and the pulldown machine because they are on opposite ends of the gym and someone would inevitably take the rack/pulldown while I wasn’t there.  So I made do and still think I got some good workouts in.

Yesterday I skipped spin because there a sub teacher I’m not crazy about and braved the stepmill again for 20 minutes and finished with 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I didn’t get to the gym today because of a Dr. appointment so if I’m not snowed in tomorrow will get a lifting session in.  I’d like to get a good lifting session in before I leave on Saturday!

I made a couple of simple, easy, yet tasty things over the weekend to have to eat this week.  First was the turkey and zucchini skillet to which I added chopped red peppes and of course topped with parmesan cheese.

Then I made some sauteed cabbage with turkey bacon.

I just sauteed about a quarter onion and chopped garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil, then added 6 slices turkey bacon, let that cook for a few then added half a head of sliced/chopped cabbage.  Just keep stirring until cooked, voila!

sauteed cabbage with turkey bacon, simple and yum

Next up is something so ridiculously easy made with basically one ingredient.  Broccoli.  Made into soup by blending it with the water you boil it in.  Add salt and pepper to taste…and for me parmesan cheese and it’s ready.  The actual recipe and ideas for other add-ons can be found  here.

Step 1-boil broccoli

Step 2-blend

Step 3-top with parmesan and eat

Let me just say that you definitely have to add salt to this, if not it’s very bland.  I’d like to experiment with making this with maybe some chicken broth instead of plain water to see how it tastes then.  But this is surprisingly good for being just broccoli and water!

Now I’m off to put on some inside-out pajamas in hopes for a snow day tomorrow!


6 responses to “Stress, finishing Stage 5 NROLW, and easy eats

  1. I definitely will have to give that broccoli soup a try! I’m not skilled with cooking, and could definitely use a new way to eat veggies 🙂

  2. I always wanted to make asparagus soup so maybe I can switch out this recipe! Awesome! Hope you stress goes away. I think everyone is feeling that this week. NO FUN!


    • That sounds good…I love asparagus! Definitely let me know if you try it how it turns out. I’m hoping my vacation will help a little with the stress 🙂

  3. i definitely dig that workout! YTWLs are so fun

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