Meatballs Shmeatballs

Let’s see if I can do a quick recap of what I’ve been doing workout wise.  Last week was a little different from what I’ve been doing because I only did  ONE NROLW workout.  That was not my original plan but with being snowed in one day and getting out of work super late another day that’s how it worked out.  I did do a lot more cardio then I usually do but I did enjoy it a lot more than usual.  I guess changing things up once in a while is a good thing!  I also tried 2 new things last week, the stairmill (I actually tried it once before a couple of years ago but didn’t do it for very long) and Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones.

At first I thought the stairmill was easy peasy, but after a few minutes I could feel what all the fuss is about with this thing.  I did 20 minutes on level 7 and by the end I was so ready to get off that thing and was wishing I had only set it for 15 minutes.  I did it again this week and plan on adding this for some of my cardio.  The only problem is that there are only 3 of these in my gym and they are often taken, but I will grab it when I can.

Now…No More Trouble Zones…that Jillian is no joke.  Here I am thinking I’m pretty strong with my lifting and then I go and do this video with 5 pound weights and was dying.  I guess once I finish NROLW I need to start working on my muscle endurance.  I will do a proper review of this in the future but I’d like to do it a couple of more times before I do that.

slave driver

This week I was back to my NROLW workouts and did that M/W/F and cardio (combo of stairmill and elliptical) on Tuesday and Thursday.  I’ll only give the specifics about today’s lifting workout because the other ones are basically the same as this and the other ones I’ve been posting about.

Today’s workout:  NROLW Workout A5

One-armed dumbbell snatch-4 sets of 4, 25 pound dumbbells

Dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift-4 sets of 4, 30 pound dumbbells

Dumbbell-single arm overhead squat-4 sets of 4, 15 and 30 pound dumbbells

alternated with

Dumbbell incline bench press-1st set 4, 2nd and 3rd sets 5, 4th set 6, 30 pound dumbbells (I should have tried a heavier weight because I should have only been able to do 4)

Narrow seated row-4 sets of 4, 105 pounds

Plank-1st held for 90 seconds, 2nd for 70 seconds, and 3rd 60 seconds

Reverse wood chop-4 sets of 4, 15 pounds (I realized I was doing these wrong so had to lower my weight when I did them correctly)

Then it was the body-weight matrix which consists of 24 squats, 12 lunges on each leg, 12 lunge jumps on each leg, and 24 jump squats, repeated twice, which I find super hard.  I had to stop a bunch of times during each round BUT I did finish each round in a significantly shorter amount of time then I have in the past.  40 seconds to a minute shorter to be exact!  I don’t know how I pulled that off but I’m glad I did!

Food wise last week was great.  I went food shopping for the week and prepared lots of stuff to bring for lunch and to have for dinner.  And by lots I mean 3 things.  For me this is good!  I had planned on a treat meal or 2 for the weekend but I think I went a little too overboard with the chocolate and I wound up eating out twice when the plan was just once.

One meal worth mentioning was Saturdays late-night trip to  The Meatball Shop.  This was an end to a night out with my friends and I was starving because I didn’t eat a proper dinner.  NEVER a good idea before going out.  Technically this was Valentine’s day because it was at 3 am…what a better way for a bunch of single girls to celebrate Valentine’s day then with a bowl of meatballs?!?!  The Meatball Shop has a bunch of different kind of meatballs to choose from (beef, chicken, salmon, etc.) as well as your choice of sauce (tomato, parmesan cream, and a couple others).  Of course I chose the beef meatballs with tomato sauce.  I also ordered a side of roasted veggies, not knowing what kind of veggies they were, and was ecstatic when it was butternut squash-something I tried recently and love.  SO GOOD.  They also have ice cream sandwiches with your choice of freshly baked cookies and your choice of ice cream.  I had a bite of my friends and it was fantastic.  If you are in the area in NYC I totally recommend this place.

not my pic but what mine looked like sans the pasta

freshly made ice cream sandwich (also not my pic)

Speaking of Valentine’s Day check out the awesome package I received through Janetha’s Secret Bloggie Valentine!


Thank you Shannon for everything!  And thanks Janetha for setting everything up!

This week I’ve had a bit of a hard time keeping within my calorie range a couple of days.  PMS doesn’t help.  It also doesn’t help that I didn’t do my big food shopping trip over the weekend or prepare anything for the week so it’s always harder when I’m not prepared.  What is that saying…failing to prepare is preparing to fail?  SO TRUE.  Well I wouldn’t call myself a failure but didn’t eat as well as I would have liked and didn’t eat as many veggies as I would have liked but still did pretty OK.


4 responses to “Meatballs Shmeatballs

  1. Yay! So glad you got the package I sent! I hope you enjoy everything 🙂

    • Hi! I saw the name Mary on the return label so I assumed that was your name! I’ll have to update my post now. Thank you Shannon! Yes I love everything!

  2. Haha! I didn’t even think of that! Mary is my receptionist name, and she made the shipping label for me, at work!

    Sorry for the confusion! I don’t need credit, anyway, it’s a secret valentine! 🙂

    I am glad I got you, I like your blog! Update more! 😉

    • I’m glad I figured out who you are so I can follow your blog too. I know I have to get in the habit of updating more! I’m slowly working on that!

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