Week in review

I have to hand it to the bloggers who post daily.  How do you find the time?!  I guess I need to get my priorities in line!  I’ve been a little MIA this week so will do a quick recap of my workouts.

I started Stage 5 of NROLW on Saturday (workout A1).  This stage is 4 sets of 4 reps for most of the exercises which is a totally new set/rep scheme for me.  I have NEVER done this before so it does feel a little strange to me.  I’ve found it a little hard to do the workouts exactly as laid out just because of the layout of my gym and needing certain equipment to do some of the exercises in the alternating set way it’s supposed to be done.  It has been interesting trying to figure out what weight I need in order to tire out by the 4th rep.  Also a little different is that the rests between sets is supposed to be 2 minutes.  For some of the exercises I feel like I need the 2 minutes and for others not.  I think because I’m only doing 4 reps I’m not getting so out of breath like I have in previous stages with higher reps, but I can’t increase the weight anymore because then I won’t be able to complete the reps with proper form.

Monday should have been a lifting day but I got out of work SO late and was exhausted so I just wound up doing cardio instead. I know boo-hoo Jamie suck it up BUT I’m not going to beat myself up for that because at least I did something.  Tuesday instead of taking my usual spin class I lifted (NROLW stage 5 workout B1).  Wednesday was the dreaded JURY DUTY and turned into rest day.  I really, really need to get a good DVD for days when I need a good cardio workout at home.  Thursday should have been my favorite spin class with the awesomest  instructor but sadly he was not there.  The sub teacher is just awful so I again did cardio on my own.  I actually did 45 minutes (on the elliptical) which for me to do on my own is a lot.  I am not a fan of cardio!  I heard some gossip at the gym and think the awesome instructor may have quit, I hope this is just a rumor because I seriously LOVE his class.  I feel like I get such a great workout and it goes by so fast.

I’ll give the specifics about today’s workout which was NROLW stage 5 workout A2

The rests between sets was supposed to be 2 minutes, but I for some I rested 90 seconds instead.  Here goes…

One-armed dumbbell snatch-4 sets of 4, 20 pound dumbbells

Dumbbell single-leg Romaian deadlift-4 sets of 4, 30 pound dumbbells

Dumbbell-single arm overhead squat-4 sets of 4, 15 and 25 pound dumbbells

alternated with

Dumbbell incline bench press-4 sets of 4, 30 pound dumbbells

Barbell bent-over row-4 sets of 4, 85 pounds

Plank-1st held for 80 seconds, 2nd and 3rd 60 seconds

Reverse wood chop-4 sets of 4, 25 pounds

Then it was the dreaded body-weight matrix which consists of 24 squats, 12 lunges on each leg, 12 lunge jumps on each leg, and 24 jump squats, repeated twice.  This KILLS me.  It usually takes me somewhere between 4 and 5 minutes to complete.  I cannot do this all the way through, I usually have to stop a couple of times during the lunge jumps and a good 4 to 5 times during the squat jumps.  At that point my legs are throbbing and I’m so out of breath I feel like I’m going to DIE.  Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to do the whole thing straight through without stopping.

I made a trip to the health food store today on my lunch break to get a couple of things to have on hand for tomorrow since we are supposed to be getting a big storm.  I am not looking forward to this AT ALL.  This will be the 2nd big storm this winter and the 2nd one that is happening on a weekend!  Snow is only welcome in my world if I’m going to get a snow day off of work!

I’ve been craving cereal (and carbs in general) lately so I picked up some Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise cereal, puffed rice cereal, gluten-free cracklebread, 2 Lara bars (my favorite PB&J and a one I’ve never had before chocolate coconut chew), and an un-pictured (b/c I already ate it) Raw Organic Food Bar in in chocolatey chocolate chip. I love the guy at this health food store because he always orders stuff for me.  I requested the chocolate coconut Lara bar and the Organic food bar because I’ve been wanting to try them both.  I didn’t try the Lara bar yet but had the Organic food bar as part of my lunch and snack today and have to say I’m a bit disappointed.  It was similar to a Lara bar with a softer but gritty texture, which I’m assuming is from the flax seeds.  I’d like to try some of the other ones though before I totally write them off.

the goods

a steal at $2.19!

I love, love, love that Mesa Sunrise cereal.  I love cereal in general and could eat bowl after bowl of it if I let myself.  I decided to try the puffed brown rice because it is only 60 calories per cup which would allow me to enjoy a nice big bowl of it.  Which I did as part of my dinner.  Tonights dinner was a random hodge-podge of stuff.  I kind of don’t like when I do that because it sometimes leaves me not so satisfied.  I had quinoa flakes cooked with half a banana, then added a quarter scoop of vanilla protein powder, ground flax seeds, cinnamon, and a tbsp. of peanut butter. The quinoa flakes are really growing on me.  I’ve been craving them and have had them as part of my dinner a couple of times this week.  I also had some sliced smoked turkey with provolone cheese and then I had the puffed rice with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a quarter scoop of vanilla protein powder, and some cinnamon.  See I told ya-random!  Looks like a ton of carbs but I did get in a good amount of protein today, 146.7 grams to be exact!

looks like mush, tastes delicious

puffed brown rice is surprisingly tasty

The puffed brown rice was actually good.  The only downside is that it gets soggy pretty fast!  Well let’s see if we actually get this storm we’re supposed to.  So far nada and my plans tonight got canned because of this so we better get something.


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