I live for 3 day weekends

Especially ones that not everyone has!  I took tomorrow off from work and am so glad I did.  Work has been well…work.  It took me almost 2 hours to get to work today due to some snow flurries and saw about 10 accidents on the way.  This is NJ, not Hawaii people, it’s not like you’ve never driven in some snow before.  The day from there was just bleh.  I almost screamed out loud with glee when I clicked I AM CURRENTLY OUT OF THE OFFICE on the out of office assistant tool.

Good thing today was Thursday and my favorite spin class day!  The Thursday instructor is fan-f-ing-tastic.  Everyone loves this guys class and if you do not there right at 5:00 to sign up for the 5:30 class you are not getting a spot.  Someone took my usual bike before I got a chance too so I felt a little out of sorts today.  How is it that just being in a different part of the room makes you feel different?!?!  Am I a weirdo the only one that feels this way?!  I’d love to hear if ANYONE else experiences this also.

Another strange thing…there’s this guy that takes the class sometimes inwhat looks like a gas mask but it just covers his mouth, not his whole face.  The thing is he doesn’t necessarily wear it the whole time…sometimes he’ll have it on at the beginning of class and then it will be off at the end of class.  I originally thought it because he didn’t want to spread or get other people’s germs but since he takes it off I don’t think that’s the case.  I am DYING to know what this is and why he uses it.


One response to “I live for 3 day weekends

  1. Well you know, I feel off if I’m not sitting in my usual lunch seat.

    Is he trying to keep himself from getting the swine flu? Maybe it has something to do with his breathing? That just sounds odd!

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