Last workout stage 4 of The New Rules of Lifting for Women

Yesterday morning I was listening to the radio and a female DJ was talking about how she took 3 spin classes in the past week and she gained 4 pounds.  She insisted her eating had been the same yet she gained 4 pounds and “OMG can this be from spinning I don’t want that and I don’t want HUGE MUSCLES LIKE A MAN!!!”  Sigh.  If 3 spin classes in one week caused this girl to gain 4 pounds of muscle in her legs than I think you would start seeing some bodybuilders in spin classes.  And why are so many woman so scared of building some muscle!?!?!  The thing I love about reading some people’s blogs is that it helps spread the word in de-bunking all these fitness myths that have been spread around and so many women live by. A couple of years ago I would have never tried squats heavier than a couple of small-ish dumbbells, never mind using a squat rack, but I’ve learned so much just from other people’s advice and pointing me in the right direction in what to read both in books and online.

Yesterday’s workout just so happened to be  a 45 minute spin class.  I love spinning because it forces me to do intense cardio and it’s a lot more fun than doing cardio on my own.  I am not a huge cardio fan so spinning really helps me get the cardio in!  Yesterday’s protein intake was 114 grams.  A little under what it should be but still pretty good.  I think I made up for it with todays intake which was 160 grams!  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that high yet!

Today’s workout:  NROLW Stage 4, workout B4

Wide-grip deadlift -3 sets of 8, 1st set 115 pounds, 2nd and 3rd 125 pounds

Alternating sets

Bulgarian split squat- 3 sets 8, 50 pounds

Underhand-grip lat pulldown-3 sets 8, 90 pounds

Alternating sets

Reverse lunge from box with forward reach-3 sets 8, 15 pound dumbbells

Dumbbell prone Cuban snatch-3 sets 8, 12 pound dumbbells

Alternating sets

Swiss ball crunch-3 sets 10, 25 pound plate

Reverse crunch-3 sets 10

Oblique crunches on stability ball-3 sets 8

Own set-prone cobra-3 times,1st held 100 seconds, 2nd and 3rd 70 second

Reverse flies on stability ball-3 sets 8, 10 pound dumbbells  (Note-this is not part of the NROLW workout)

90 seconds rest between each set, except for the ab stuff I usually do the 3 exercises in a row and then rest and repeat.

Then it was 15 minutes HIIT:

3 minute warm-up at level 1 then 2.  Intervals were one minute at level 5, 2 minute recovery level 1, one minute level 6, 2 minute recovery level 1, one minute level 7, 2 minute recovery level 1, one minute level 8, 2 minutes recovery level 1.

The lifting part of this workout was great but by the time I got to the HIIT portion my legs felt like lead.  It was a grueling 15 minutes and I’m not sure my sprint sections were fast enough to be considered true sprints.  I may have to reconsider taking spin class on my days between lifting, especially now that the lifting workouts are just getting harder.  The plan is to spin again tomorrow but I will play that by ear considering the way my legs felt today!

I didn’t up my weights much in this stage, I pretty much did the same weight for each exercise the entire stage because it was still THAT that challening.  I upped the deadlift weight 10 pounds in the 2nd two sets (from 115-125) in the last two workouts.  Today’s workout I upped the underhand-grip lat pulldown from 85 to 90 and the dumbbell prone Cuban snatch from 10 to 12 and boy did those 2 and 5 pounds make a difference!  It’s amazing how upping the weight in one exercise then makes the following exercises harder as well, without upping those weights also.  I also realized today that I had been doing an incorrect ab exercise in the ab series.  I was supposed to be doing a lateral flexion move which I did do today when I realized my mistake.  What I was doing was a hip flexion movement (pikes on a stability ball).  Don’t know how I didn’t realize tat until today MY LAST DAY OF THIS STAGE.

This was my LAST workout in Stage 4, next up Stage 5!


One response to “Last workout stage 4 of The New Rules of Lifting for Women

  1. I don’t know why so many woman are afraid of building muscle either! We actually look better with 5 pounds of muscle than without it!

    And I used to HATE cottage cheese. Now I love it! I started liking it by blending it in the food processor with pumpkin, vanilla, stevia, and cinnamon. It turned into a yogurt like consistency! and now I’m eating it curds and all!

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