Chapped lips? What chapped lips?

I have one friend in particular that often calls with her beauty questions.  I will admit that I love it when anyone asks me if I can recommend a product or something that can help them with their latest beauty issue.  If I can’t help them I then HAVE TO do some online research to find out what can help with said problem.  Otherwise it will just drive me nuts.

Well the latest issue my friend called me with was a fairly simple one and something I consider myself a master at.  Her call sounded something like this… “Jamie my lips are so dry and chapped and nothing is helping PLEASE HELP ME.”  Without thinking twice I responded “You must go to Lush and get their Lip Service lip balm.”  Ive tried many, many lip balms and this is BY FAR the best lip balm I have EVER used.  I then gave her strict instructions to put on a nice, thick layer of this at night and top it with Aquaphor.

exhibit A-lip service

exhibit B-aquaphor

This combination is phenomenal for dry chapped lips.  The Lip Service moisturizes with cocoa butter, shea butter, and olive oil while the Aquaphor seals it all in.  If you don’t twist and turn all night like I do and rub it off on your pillowcase you will still feel this combo on your lips in the morning.  This lip balm may take some getting used to as it’s a different texture than most balms.  It’s really hard but sort of melts right into your lips.  You can of course use this any time of the day-not just at night, but I usually just use it at night and then again in the morning because it comes in a pot.  I prefer to use a stick balm during the day so that I’m not sticking my dirty fingers into a pot and then rubbing them on my lips.

So what do I use for daytime use?

exhibit c-chap stick naturals lip butter

Who would have thought that old school chap-stick would make such a great product?!  Unfortunately I think this may be getting discontinued as I saw it on sale at not 1 but 2 places!

A couple other balms that I’d like to give honorable mentions to are Alba Bontica lip balm in coconut cream (there are other flavors too which I have not yet tried but I’m sure those are good as well) and Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm.  I also really, really love the Nuxe but at $21 it’s not exactly budget friendly AND I have not seen it at any of my local Sephoras which means I will have to order it from online somewhere.


5 responses to “Chapped lips? What chapped lips?

  1. I need some of that lip balm! My lips are so cracked 😦

    I’ve seen that book-thanks for the recommendation! I actually prefer doing the Push/Pull Method of training.. it seems to work well for me! I’d love to swap fitness tips and tricks with you though!

    • If you have a Lush store nearby definitely pick some up!
      So do you lift 4 days a week, 2 days push and 2 days pull? I’ve never done that kind of split before but will be looking to try something different once I finish new rules. I’m glad I came across your blog also!

  2. How the heck do I follow you on wordpress?

  3. Aquaphor is amazing. I used that stuff when my lips were cracked and painful, and my skin was peeling and sensitive.

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