Something is radically wrong with me

This is exactly what I thought to myself when I realized I forgot to pack pants in my gym bag today.  Then I started cracking up to myself because I haven’t used the description “radically wrong” since I used to use the word SIKE on a regular basis.  Of course this all happened in my head yet I was still laughing out loud.

But yes I forgot gym pants.  At least I realized this before I went into the gym.  It somehow popped into my head while I was still in my car…this feeling just overcame me to check my bag because I didn’t think I had pants…and I was right.  One time I went into the gym and completely changed only to realize I didn’t have sneakers with me!  So I had to change back into my work clothes because I couldn’t leave the gym wearing gym clothes and 4 inch heels!  AND last summer I forgot socks one day and also left the gym because I could not fathom working out without wearing socks.  I did it once and promised myself NEVER AGAIN because it was so gross.

I think these were all the instances I’ve ever had to leave because of forgetting something!  I’m just sooo not a morning person and should really pack my gym bag at night and not in the morning while I am still half asleep and trying to get ready for work.

I plan on making up for it with a hardcore workout tomorrow.  Full body weights (NROLW Stage 4 workout A3 and HIIT which is already part of that workout-more on that later).

I’ll share what I’m having for dinner because it’s one of the few dinners I make, and it’s easy, and delicious.  I’m trying to add more dishes to my repertoire…some work out and some don’t.  It’s a turkey zucchini skillet and the recipe can be found here:

I follow the recipe loosely and use a whole package of ground turkey or chicken (it’s usually 1.3 pounds which is not 19 ounces like I originally thought but 20.8…can you tell I suck at math?), I also use a can of diced tomatoes instead of fresh, and add a fresh, chopped red peper and basil.  I’m not too precise with the measurements, I just eyeball the spices pretty much and it still comes out good.  Maybe eyeballing things is why my food doesn’t come out so good?!  Hmmm…
Like I said I love this because it’s super simple and delicious but also packed with protein and a nice serving of veggies.  Plus anything that can be cooked in one pan is great in my book.  I don’t even put it over spaghetti squash, just top it with parmesan cheese and I’m good to go.  The parmesan cheese is the icing on the cake on the dish so I highly recommend adding that!  I of course love adding parmesan cheese to a lot of things so I may be biased.


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